Sporting Activities

Bangkok Sporting Leisure Activities is an ideal list for those seeking Sporting Leisure activities in Bangkok while staying at the Bangkok  Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit. Our our list provides you with some of the various options available for Bangkok Sporting Leisure Activities.

Benjasiri Park

Built for the Queen’s 60th Birthday, Benjasiri is refered to as the Queens Park. The park is nestled in the heart of Sukhumvit opposite the Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumivt on Sukhumivt Road. The park offers some of the best examples of Thai Sculpture scattered around the park.

Follow Me Bicycle Tours

“Follow Me™” our Bangkok bicycle tours is a unique and different way to see Bangkok. Have your tour personally and safely created to take you off the well-worn tourist paths and into the Bangkok that few, if any, tourists ever see.

Wilding Indoor Golf

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Disclaimer – The Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit is not associated or affiliated with venues listed here, and this list is provided as sample guide to guests of popular attractions within Bangkok.