Bangkok Public Parks

Bangkok Public Parks can be found through out the city, and is remarkable the size and space given for park land in such a built up urban city. Within many Bangkok Public Parks you will find a host of activities available, including walking tracks, picnic areas, as well as many monuments. Many of the Bangkok Public Parks are located with in easy distance from the BTS Sky Train stations making them very accessible to everyone.

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Lumphini Park

One of the largest parks in Bangkok, and easily accessible by public transport or taxi. It’s a ideal place to sit back and relax away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Through the morning you will see locals practicing traditional Tai Chi.

Benjakitti Park

Located near Ashoke BTS Benjakitti park features a large park built around a massive lake area, with the City Skyline as its back drop. The park is great for a afternoon stroll, and a place to take the family, with paddle boat for hire on the lake.

Benjasiri Park

Built for the Queen’s 60th Birthday, Benjasiri is refered to as the Queens Park. The park is nestled in the heart of Sukhumvit opposite the Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumivt on Sukhumivt Road. The park offers some of the best examples of Thai Sculpture scattered around the park.

Disclaimer – The Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit is not associated or affiliated with venues listed here, and this list is provided as sample guide to guests of popular attractions within Bangkok.